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Written on July 26, 2015 at 8:07 pm, by Leon Weinschneider

“Let The Fun Begin”
I have always been told that I was a natural born salesman. But the truth is, I never wanted to go into sales.

While in college I majoring in English literature, and had read the book, “Death Of A Salesman” by Willy Lomax.

It wasn’t until I worked for a national company called Hathaway, specializing in marketing, which is a euphemism for selling, that I learned that in reality, everyone, in form or another is in sales.

In a law or accounting firm he is called the “rainmaker”.

He has the large corner office. He is dressed in a custom made suite, his nails are manicured, his shoes are shined.

When a new client walks in the door, he is shown into the rainmakers office.

The rainmaker listens to the clients problem. He then calls in his associate.

The associate has an office the size of a closet. He is given the file to work on.

The rainmaker signs up the client, collects his check and then takes the client to lunch.

It was here with Hathaway that I learned the art of Closing.

My week followed a very strict routine.

Sunday morning I would leave at 5am, travel to where the bank was located, spend four hours canvassing and take notes of all stores and businesses within a five mile radius of the bank. I would then research the phone numbers.

Monday morning I showed up at the bank and introduced myself to the bank manager, who was expecting me.

The bank would provide me with an office, a desk and a telephone.

Within three and a half days (I would
Stop working Thursday afternoon in order to travel back home. I didn’t want to take the chance of having my car break down and be stuck on the road for shabbos.) I would make 300 telephone cold calls and go on eight to fourteen scheduled appointments per day!

I had one of the highest closing rates, selling the most full page ads and held the record for the most Sold sold within a week!

I was very good at getting appointments with important clients.

Many a time, a branch manager would say to me “how did you get an appointment to see this attorney? I’ve been here for three years and have been unable to get an appointment with him! Can I please go with you on your appointment and would you please introduce me?”

I soon became a regional manager, hiring and training other salesmen.

Every salesman I trained made more money I his first week than the national average within the company!

My goal, as a regional manger was to train my salespeople to make serious money!

Basically, I was investing my time to train them. If they didn’t make money, I would have to advertise, interview and train new salesmen.

I was given the state of florida, then three states, then seven and then eleven states.

Everything I know about closing, I learned while working for Hathaway. I am forever grateful to Marvin Heichman, the owner and my first trainer. To Hal Levin, who I never actually met but besides being the top closer in the company, until I beat him, taught me two very important concepts: 1. Just before going into a presentation, visualize the client buying a Full Page ad. 2. Think of oneself, not as a salesman, but that of a Story Teller.

You see, everyone hates a salesman. A salesman is always trying to sell you something you don’t want!

On the other hand, everyone loves a story teller.

So now with you permission, allow me to tell you a story……..

Holidays! – Best Time To Sell Property!

Written on July 24, 2015 at 9:11 am, by Leon Weinschneider

Do you know why the holidays is the BEST time to list real estate for sale or for rent?

Because it is a very slow time and there are fewer offers coming in, a lot of Sellers will wait till After the holidays to list.

By Listing now, here are the benefits:

Less competition = Not having to negotiate downwards to compete for Buyers!

Less competition = Lower Supply.

Lower Supply means Higher Demand!

Higher Demand = More $$$ for sellers that take the initiative with a Strong, Powerful, Seasoned real estate agent!


“Luxury Condominium’s Redefined” – Wall Street Journal!

Written on January 6, 2015 at 12:39 pm, by Leon Weinschneider


When I started selling Condominiums 18 years ago, having white tile floor and white kitchen cabinets put you in the lead. Imagine!

Marble floors, granite counter tops and ten foot ceilings soon followed. Evolving into Sub Zero & Miele kitchen appliances with the defining element status symbols being the Miele cappuccino machine, ten foot wide terraces and back lit onyx counter tops.

But this Friday I read an article in the Wall Street Journal confirming the latest luxury, something I’ve been trying to get permits to do in my building for the last five years: terrace swimming pools!

I first saw this idea on a condo in Puerto Vallarta Mexico that a client of mine asked me to sell for him!

It was beautiful! One could walk outside of ones condo, dip into the pool, swim to the edge overlooking the Gulf Of Mexico and take in all of G-ds Wonders while sipping on a Pina Colada!

Actually, it reminded me of “The Las Brisas Hotel” in Acapulco that had the same set-up!

It’s really an easy thing to do, and shouldn’t require any special permits. It’s run on recirculating water, so plumbing isn’t necessary!

One must get an inspection done from an Engineer verifying that the terrace can support the weight, but a small two person jacuzzi shouldn’t be much of a problem.

Price: ……………………………………… Reasonable Cost.
Return on Investment: ……………… One should Easily Double ones Investment!
Enjoyment……………………………….. Priceless!

The SUPRA lock box system – Why it isn’t good for Owners – Buyers – Agents!

Written on November 25, 2014 at 4:36 pm, by Leon Weinschneider

A letter I recently wrote to a fellow agent that was using the Supra lock box system that wasn’t returning my calls, emails and texts to do a Monday morning showing.

You know, Mark, using a system that a lot of agents do not subscribe to, is a disservice to the OWNER!

For it is the OWNER that will ultimately suffer!

Less showings equals fewer offers!

Fewer offers equal lower offers!

Lower offers equals longer wait time to sell the property, more expenses to the owner and less profit to the owner at closing time!

Not returning a fellow agents phone call, eMail & text is a disservice to our profession!

Both in future business, should the owner, your client, get wind of this, and in cooperation with your fellow agents!

Now, for the record, I understand the advantages of using the Supra system.

It keeps records of showings and agent accountability should something go missing from the property!

But guess what, I’ve been keeping records of showings, dates, agents names and tel, for years!

But here’s what the Supra system DOESN’T do.

It doesn’t advise buyer agents to be sure to let the buyer know that the crown molding was hand crafted by French artisans flown in special by the owner!

Or that you have received three offers and that, if your client is interested in the property, to move quickly to put in an offer!

It doesn’t follow-up with a personal phone call to the owner letting them know that you just did a showing, bringing you up to 84 showings, with no offers, and that maybe it’s a good time for the owner to consider adjusting the price!

The concept of Supra Systems, and how it works and what it does, is sound.

But it can only work if EVERY agent subscribes to it!

I feel SUPRA SYSTEM is a SALES job! And the one being sold a bill of goods is us, the agents and ULTIMALY the owner!

It is an unnecessary expense that does not provide full service!

Real Estate Agents exist only because we provide Full Service!

The day we stop providing Full Service is the day our profession stops providing a SERVICE and becomes a SYSTEM!

Sidney Weinschneider – Gives Blessing to Leon Weinschneider & Family!

Written on September 24, 2014 at 11:05 am, by Leon Weinschneider

Interesting Story

Written on September 24, 2014 at 10:56 am, by Leon Weinschneider

About a year ago, I listed Michaels condo for sale at $1,590,000.

What’s interesting is that in four months, I did three ‘broker Open Houses, we only had six listing showings, we actually took it off the market and ended up selling it for $1,800,000!

$210,000 above the ASKING price!

What’s really incredible is that there was only one buyer! He was bidding against himself!

That’s the difference!

You see, the game, the negotiating, the energy – that’s why I am in Realestate!

Money is not what motivates me!

People are what motivate me!

I normally don’t go to CLOSINGS.

Most of my clients don’t go to the closing either. You see, there’s really no need!

All my deals are are being sold in “as-is condition”, for all cash, no conditions and generally close in 30 days or less.

But Michael and his attorney, Gene, INSISTED I come to the closing!

I knew it was an ambush!

But I went anyway, just to let them know I wasn’t ignoring them.

When I got there, both Michael and Gene (a very wise, experienced and successful attorney) laid into me that I should adjust my commission because Michael had about $30,000 of mold repair to do in order to close.

I told them, I fought hard for your money, to get you $210,000 above the ASKING price, you don’t think I am going to stand up for my own money!
Michael tells me he is persian and Persians hold grudges generationally!

Gene also lays into me telling me they would never do business with me again!

I respectfully declined their suggestion.

Fast forward two months. Gene had mentioned to me that he was looking for commercial property to buy.

I knew of an off market opportunity. A group of apartment buildings, 26 units.

I signed Gene to a Buyer Brokerage Agreement form and closed six months later for $3,190,000!

At closing we could have flipped the property for $500,000 more!

But wait!

After Michael closed on the sale of his condo he buys a Bal Harnour penthouse and spends one year and $1,000,000 renovating this 4,700sf, 5/4.5 condo into the most luxurious condo in Bal Harbour!

Last week, Michael calls me that he is building a hotel on Chicago and wants to rent out his new Bal Harbour penthouse.

How much can I get for it? he asks.

Naturally, I ask him ‘how much would you want’?

Can I get $10,000/mo? He asks.

It will be hard, I tell him, since when people will look at the history and see that you only paid $1.3m, even of you put in “$1m” they’re not going to agree to $10,000/mo.

But, what if I told you I know of a way that we could get $12,000/mo?

Sure! But how?

We should List the property for rent at $12,000/mo and at the same time $4.7m for sale!

But I’m not interested in selling, says Michael.

I know, and I don’t think it would sell at $4.7m either.

But, it creates VALUE in the eyes and mind of the RENTER!

You see, Michael, the renter is thinking, why buy at $4.7m, it’s a bargain to rent at $12,000/mo!

Basically, I turned a one listing rental listing into TWO listings and a $4.7m sales opportunity!

Interesting Story

Written on September 24, 2014 at 10:53 am, by Leon Weinschneider

August 2014

Here’s an interesting story I thought you might enjoy!

While sitting in Shallots Restaurant in Chicago with a client, a gentleman in the table next to us, started to choke.

I immediately went over to do the the Heimlich maneuver on him.

The restaurant compted us deserts.

It turns out that it was Senator Ira Silverstein!

We talked afterwards. He thanked me.

But wait, there’s more!

For no particular reason I asked him does he come to Miami Beach?

He says ‘yes’.

I ask him where does he stays?

He says ‘The Alexander Hotel’!

So without missing a beat, I tell him I may have an opportunity for him! And I go on to tell him about 5225 Collins unit #1201 and give him one of my Property Business cards with info and web site for said property!

Nice story!

It shows you that miracle opportunities come from G-d from random acts of kindness!

Later the next day Senator Ira Silverstein called me to thank me for the other night and that he would be looking over the Alexander condo on my web site later that night with his wife!


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