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The SUPRA lock box system – Why it isn’t good for Owners – Buyers – Agents!

Tuesday, November 25th, 2014

A letter I recently wrote to a fellow agent that was using the Supra lock box system that wasn’t returning my calls, emails and texts to do a Monday morning showing.

You know, Mark, using a system that a lot of agents do not subscribe to, is a disservice to the OWNER!

For it is the OWNER that will ultimately suffer!

Less showings equals fewer offers!

Fewer offers equal lower offers!

Lower offers equals longer wait time to sell the property, more expenses to the owner and less profit to the owner at closing time!

Not returning a fellow agents phone call, eMail & text is a disservice to our profession!

Both in future business, should the owner, your client, get wind of this, and in cooperation with your fellow agents!

Now, for the record, I understand the advantages of using the Supra system.

It keeps records of showings and agent accountability should something go missing from the property!

But guess what, I’ve been keeping records of showings, dates, agents names and tel, for years!

But here’s what the Supra system DOESN’T do.

It doesn’t advise buyer agents to be sure to let the buyer know that the crown molding was hand crafted by French artisans flown in special by the owner!

Or that you have received three offers and that, if your client is interested in the property, to move quickly to put in an offer!

It doesn’t follow-up with a personal phone call to the owner letting them know that you just did a showing, bringing you up to 84 showings, with no offers, and that maybe it’s a good time for the owner to consider adjusting the price!

The concept of Supra Systems, and how it works and what it does, is sound.

But it can only work if EVERY agent subscribes to it!

I feel SUPRA SYSTEM is a SALES job! And the one being sold a bill of goods is us, the agents and ULTIMALY the owner!

It is an unnecessary expense that does not provide full service!

Real Estate Agents exist only because we provide Full Service!

The day we stop providing Full Service is the day our profession stops providing a SERVICE and becomes a SYSTEM!